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    My goal is to try to develop a design may imagined and real , it must be a member of the lifestyle , but always light flow becomes personal ." Ralph Lauren said he was able to break new ground on the original//www.bhamentertainment.co.uk/
    the style may be the necessary foundation for highly stylized fashion , fashion should not be wearing basically one season, but should not be any time limit clause for eternity. POLO sort of fashion, from American background tradition , but a person's . This implies an exceptional of life for Ralph Lauren won the Association of favor Designers of the usa Award always Achievement era .burberry_xl_302523
    1 Polo logo : This is exactly Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) the most well-liked symbol , choose between Ralph Lauren polo brand aristocratic LOGO, it is associate the origins of clothing he designed .//www.casterboard.co.uk/Uk_burberry_wallet_sale_451553.html
    2 POLO shirt : the Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) manufactured by the POLO shirt, short in front long hem , is playing polo for all the charge forward movement and design.paul smith online wallet 350532
    Four decades these century Anglo-American upper class life , western , old movies wilderness , baseball player of your 1930s too old Ralph Lauren Regal include inspiration . Sheikh contained in the simple label of references to different parts of fashion design , it needs to be said Ralph Lauren denied. He claimed " no masterpiece, no sketches, some just try ." October 14, 1939 , in Ohio 's Bronx born in an exceedingly middle-class Jewish family .//www.casterboard.co.uk/

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